Modern technologies and excellent machine facilities allow us to produce works with extraordinary accuracy up to 5 microns, which is extremely important when it comes to maintaining the tightness and perfect fit of prosthetic restoration.

Our offer includes foundations milled from discs:

  • CoCr/Ti
  • Composite
  • PMMA
  • PEEK
  • Trinia
  • Wax

PMMA is the perfect solution for visualizing the patient's final prosthetic work. It is used as a prototype to determine the occlusion height and tooth shape in the case of hybrid bridges. Additionally, it enables the patient to be secured with temporary bridges or crowns while awaiting the final prosthetic work.Due to their high biocompatibility and strength properties, Peek and Trinia find a solution for work on implants veneered with composite or as suprastructures with ceramic crowns.

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